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We understand

You’ve worked hard to build your vision, your team, and your product. You’ve stayed awake at night, slept at the office, and stayed alive on Ramen noodles and caffeine. You’ve paid your dues and now you’ve raised a bunch of cash and it's time to deliver to your investors, to your board, and back to your company.

Shifting from pre-seed to post-raise opens up an entirely new set of challenges, in particular, from your board and investors: "Where is that UX/UI overhaul?" "Where is that Android app?" "What happened to that new release?" "Where are those 8 developers you need to hire?" Staying on a consistent development track is a feat that most superheroes can’t accomplish very well - alone.

Hiring developers is the most daunting of challenges for any growing startup. Your choices are to invest the time and money to hire internally and then ramp up that hire to a level of proficiency that you’re comfortable with, thereby delaying your project (and your deadline) and then hoping, praying, chanting, lighting incense or whatever that your new hire will gel and become a productive part of your company fabric. Or you can turn to a trusted partner for immediate, cost-effective, and guaranteed help. That trusted partner is the LaunchByte “Devs On Demand" service.

Sounds Awesome. How does it work?

Simple! Let us know what you need help with and we will assign one of our stellar developers and/or UX/UI pros immediately to the task. You might need 3 developers for a year; you may need a UX/UI pro for a one-off project; you might need a solid utility player to handle patches, bug fixes, new releases, etc.

Top Tier Talent

LaunchByte provides the highest quality custom developers for any web, mobile, or desktop technology stack that you require to get the job done.

Happiness Guaranteed

We offer a no-risk trial period for all developers added to your team. Our "Happiness Clause” ensures not only the integrity of your build, but your relationship with your developer is awesome

History of Excellence

Our developers have a proven and tested track record of programming excellence and are comfortable on projects of all sizes.

So why LaunchByte?

Whatever the project is, we conduct our work for you via a very specific SOW that we manage for you via a dedicated Account Manager who provides regularly scheduled standups so you always know the status of your build.


Hiring developers can take a long time; interviews, HR, paperwork, healthcare, training. Devs On Demand was built to scale up or down at your leisure.


Devs On Demand delivers high quality talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional hiring. Our clear and convenient pricing model (with no extra fees) allows for straight-forward budgeting and ease of mind.

Trusted Partners

Work with our developers for as long or as little as you need. Devs On Demand helps you to meet aggressive company goals or ease transition periods.

We are pros at...


React Native





Mobile Development



Security & Encryption





Are there any upfront contract or setup costs?

No, LaunchByte's infrastructure was set up so that we can start and stop at a moments notice.

What do you mean by no-risk?

All clients are protected by our Happiness Clause that promises a two week trial period for all D.O.D of engagements. This gives you time to validate that we are delivering on our promise. If you are happy with your D.O.D you will be charged and can continue to use our talent for as long as you need. In the case where you are not 100% happy, you will not be charged (and we'll pay the D.O.D out of our own pocket). At this point, you can end the engagement, or we will deliver a different D.O.D to begin a second no-risk trial.

What does LaunchByte offer that comparable services do not?

LaunchByte's unique offer is that we have personally worked with every single developer to build award winning products of our own. In that regard, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of our developers to a degree that allows us to effectively match them with your needs.

Testing & Screening

Do all LaunchByte team members speak English?

Yes - each and every one of them speaks conversational English. Additionaly, all LaunchByte D.O.D's are trained out of the LaunchByte offices in the United States.


Where are your developers located?

LaunchByte's D.O.D's work out of our offices in St. Petersberg, Boston, LA, or New York.

Can I bring LaunchByte developers on-site?

If this is a necessary situation then LaunchByte will work with you to have our dev work from your physical location.

LaunchByte’s Network & Services

What happens if a LaunchByte developer is unavailable for the days or times he/she is scheduled to work with me?

LaunchByte will always do everything it can to make sure this never occurs. LaunchByte understands how important dependability is. However, in the rare situation where this does occur, LaunchByte will credit back the time billed to the client.

Can I hire a full-time worker from LaunchByte and bring him/her into our company?

Yes, however, LaunchByte will go over all details of the agreement to create the best possible scenario for all involved parties.

Is there any standard equipment LaunchByte developers are required to have?

LaunchByte's D.O.D's are up to date and proficient with the latest technologies and platforms.

Intellectual Property

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by a LaunchByte D.O.D?

The client. All work created by a LaunchByte D.O.D is the property of the client.

How do we ensure that our IP is protected?

LaunchByte will put forth a direct agreement with you, which will ensure IP protection and will contain a clause to maintain intellectual property.

Pricing & Payment

How much does DevsOnDemand cost?

Junior Developer: $5k/month - Advanced Developer: $6.5k/month - Senior Developer: $8k/month

How often will I be charged? How are payments and invoices handled?

Our clients are invoiced twice a month, however, this will change depending on the project scope.

What methods of payment do you accept?

LaunchByte will accept all major credit cards, bank accounts (with ABA routing), bank wires, and PayPal.